Wednesday, January 9, 2019

1st wave
all digital and mobile connections shut down  -- cant make contact to anyone

2nd wave 
bank shut down  -- no transactions

3rd wave 
water/ gas supply shutdown  -- humans going crazy no food no gas

4th wave
emp disruption waves attack around the world from satellites  -- missiles cant be launched with signals disruption


a different kind of war story 


 missile attack "nuclear" will be self destruction so .....

war in the modern world wont be with nuclear weapons but with guns like a traditionsal way......

but no connection
no food water gas 


fallout 4 escape

disrupt world connection, waves and signals 

use invisibility cloak to destroy enemies .............

but who is enemy ???

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Its been a very long time since i havent written a badass story its because im stuck and had to deal with crap of the system. Fk everything these days.


Lets combine AI and Al

For hundred of years human have been sending frequency signals in the hope of receiving signals “messages” back and meeting alien life. We human are very close and yes, we have also received messages but yet they are hard to decode.

We have made self learning AI robots to contact, send, receive messages from alien frequency.
These robots turn each frequency into pattern by their self learning made algorith.

Our Darpa’s, robot , Robo E-Z has been very talented and quick learner and with his frequency decoding technique we are one step closer to alien life.



Part 1
Darpa makes self learning AI robot E-Z it conpiles and decompiles signals 

Tells scientists about messages 

E-Z is instructed to send a friendly message to meet up alien on earth

Aliens come in earth as peace treaty

Aliens are taken in underground bases for communication in terms of receiving high tech solutions

Aliens can read human intention by the freuency, negative intention, they kill some humans and try to escape 

They become successful in leaving but some tech and data recorder gets left behind

E-Z decompiles all the data to understand alien tech, 3 sec to mars etc etc 

Part 2
There is chaos in the alien’s world that peace treaty went wrong as one of them found bad intention of human

All the tech and info left behind has to be received

Coming back to earth is starting a war but these aliens are peaceful happy aliens

So they come here quietly, like a chameloen, theif in the night

Part 3

Always robbers and intriguers rob banks and high security museums, labs and other secret facilities

This time genuis aliens rob the facility to take their own gadgets

This was alien perspective, E-Z perspective is to decode the tech by all possible mixes and matches of codes and solutions

While E-Z decompiling all possible solution “24 hours remaining” 
Alien has to rob the data before E-Z decompiles them

Human has bad intention with gadgets

E-Z and tech gadgets are in maximum security with lasers, vacuum path sensors, camera, biometric doors  etc etc

Part 4
When biometric sensors go off alien vs AI war
Now the robots fight aliens and nice alien has to escape with his gadgets

Human had bad intention
Not the Robo E-Z , he always send good msgs to aliens and at last he helps alien excape
Knowing human will kill him, he is taken by the alien in the spaceship ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“


My pszio head is hurting will continue later ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

Monday, December 31, 2018

kids are creative !!

A group of kids, where pete is kind of very creative.
A born dreamer who dreams of far away galaxies and very unique imaginary world and shares it with his friends.


Their small playground and meetup home room becomes a big dream world when young pete dreams come true and they start painting whatever they want.

When the parents watch its just normal world but in actual scenario they are flying in their dream world.

Becoming super heroes, flying on dragon, chocolate river........
robots, whatever they dream about comes true.... in real life its just dream but we can picture how kids think imaginary world from their innocent mind and pure heart


The idea is to bring out 100% of young kids imaginary and creatuve mind out to life.


What happens when dreams go crazy, nothing, they dream of their toys heroes and villians
In imaginary world and act like fighting villians

When dreams go crazy, nothing happens, but they fight anyway......

They have a special toy that is fly to exit dragon which takes them away........

This has to be kids 5-8910 yrs old......

Pete / peter tells his friends how his house “room” full of toys comes alive.
Then all his friend join him to the adventure of toys that come alive.

All kids in an imaginary world making their toys come alive with their crazy fantadies

๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน happy new year ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

Monday, December 17, 2018

We all know superheroes don't exist.

They are imaginary characters, living in a imaginary world, saving a imaginary world with a imaginary crime committed by a imaginary villains.

We have a chance to be real.

What if we save the real world with real problems, we can be real super heroes.

The world is fine, how do we become real super heroes without big villains and crime?

We make crimes and we solve them.

This is actually supposed to be a funny one where people with no super hero experience try to be super hero.

Example- I want to be Spiderman but I cant throw web and there is no green goblin.

solution, technology.

geeks turn real superheroes with powers from tech used. you all have seen kickass

news: the imaginary comics heroes have rise to save the world. How is this even possible?
and hey look , wait a minute is that a Spiderman video captured? why is he wearing specs?

why is that batman so skinny ?

ok, geek friends 5 ppl decide to be super heroes.

well everyone wants to be famous right …... quick ……

these dudes with their science and tech knowledge decide to take on the peaceful city from villains…… problem is there is no villan and no crime....

Nerd 1 - how long are we going to chase over speeding cars and small buglers ?
we need badass villains…..

Nerd 2 - I don't think we can fight badass villain…

Nerd 3 - I have super idea, we create a 3d holographic villain, we pretend fight him and we switch off the battery when done,  we become heroes…….

Nerd 4 - Ok, lets design a badass villain...... do you want 1 design or 3-4-5 ????

Nerd 1 - 1st design our customes…..

nerd 2 - umm, cant we go to tailor shop?

nerd 3 - only if you want to give our secrets out you idiot...

nerd 4 - he is right, superheroes do all by themselves..... we gotta make our customes ourself…..


spider man - succer shoes to stick on the building and electronic web thrower
superman - antigravity suit and don't forget that underwear outside the pants

batman - cool car with all gadgets...….

a glimpse of a skinny batman

cool lab .....

all looking in the mirror,
dude I look so cool in this custome….
everyone praising themselves with customes on...…

only to find out from news how stupid they look fighting the fake hologram villain...….

because they have programmed the hologram villain moves from computer..... all the moves they can counter and it looks nothing like kung fu or matrix last fight...….

funny piece done
we need a serious side now a real super villain that will test the boys to the limit...…

what if their tech gets stolen from lab and someone uses it to be a super villain????

nerd 1 - dude , nerd 3, when did you design this villain character?
nerd 3- no dude, I didn't design him/…….
all - what , there you go, how are we gonna fight him now ????? you know it was all fake to be a super hero, we are not heroes and now the city is all dependent on us to save them from this psychopath killer...….

all - lets do this...….
a song for the story.....

I was born to run
I was born for this...….

happy Christmas and new year...…..

to be continued...……

Saturday, December 8, 2018

This will be last thing i will ever post on internet

9 december 2018


I wont say i know it all by stealing others details

I learn things that excites me .......

Good and bad both !!

Having information doesnt generally mean you misuse it but you have to have info regarding everything, you never know it could be useful in future in a good way

Think twice ro post on fb and think thrice even 4 5 6 times before enjoying .......... stuffs

The fill in the blanks is what i used to love ........ not anymore


This is a gift from grinch as he is not what world says
Grinch did bad world hated
Grinch did good world laughed
Grinch loved world wrote tragedy
Grinch shared his dreams and world stole
Grinch is invisible now so dont bother him , he doesnt trust anyone

So he does not socialise or open up and has become a stone
Might kill someone anyday out of bottled up disgust


24 in me

This is the last dream im sharing ........

Having diverse knowledge and skills

This kid who is 24 adopts him into 10 different characters
Some heroes, some villians, some spy , some etc etc


Hmm crime , fk all stupid superheroes and their name

I am “trashmam” i trash all the villians
Catch the villians, dont give money to cops, lets take it all

Go to casino and enjoy

Time for another character

What should i be .......

Be every character one by one in a movie


100 mins movie
10 characters

Each character he plays is interlinked ............

7 days in a week 4 different jobs each day 1

When roaming free if i witness crimes , ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช i take them into recordings


1 crime that brings all my characters into action

Do i be a superhero trashmam to trash all enemies

A spy to collect all cliues

Be a pimp to gather details from rich girls

Illegal street racer to get into gang

Like multi personality disorder but this is not disorder but a masterpiece order

Every character in a new getup

Generally superheroes has 2 face, 1 mask 1 lame job
But i aint that lame shit

Yea im a hacker too, i used nsa cracking software source code and compiled them so i can easily havk gov agencies too.......

Somebody stop me ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช

What ?

Well  everything ........

And the song that play in trailer is chameleon when he changes personality for purpose

Mustache yes

Mustache beard yes

Go bald yes go long hair yes

Become a manchild yes

Become a stone heart adult yes

Be a mf pimp yes


Lost interest in everything so the last one

Bye all

Monday, December 3, 2018

Like humans have minorities...... war and all ......

What happens if


The endangered ones “about to go extinct” watch news in tv and be like

The population of quala the lazy sleeping animals have declined

Qualas - shit the majority has attacked us

Prepare for war

Collect all minorities !!!!

I will be clouded leopard ❣️❣️๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช

What would you be ??

My bad with k q ....

Friday, November 30, 2018

a kid who dreamed of being the greatest detective/spy of 21 century

Gets into spy academy

Q1. Who is the mother of the baby ๐Ÿผ ๐Ÿ‘ถ ?? Left or right ?
Left one ?

How did you come up with that answer ?
She has big boobs must be because filled with milk ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช

But right one is fat and has big belly  ?
Yea she is careless and eats alot and got fat


Senior spies - he is hopeless
What we do with him ?
Dont send him in feild, let him walk the dog , lets see if he does that better .....

Middle part to be continued .....

Last part
Inspired by shaggy and scooby doo
He completes a case no1 could but bu accident

To be continued tomo......
let me dream a good plot :) 

Who the fck are you and what are you doing in my bathroom ??

Well you are the chosen one, i been trying to find a good person that can help me be free

But who are you ? And why cant no1 see you.....

Cuz im dead, i chose you to see me no1 else so dont worry and im not going to reveal your crazy bathroom stories

Lets get to work !!!

There were 3 things left undone and my spirit is not satisfied or my soul mission on earth is incomplete so you need to help me complete those and

I will be able to release myself from this trapped in the middle state and go completely into spiritual state

You can call me your friend

But you are a ghost

Yes, a good ghost until and unless you listem to me and help
Me complete my undone thinhs

Ok tell me whats undone ????

Lets male 3 redicuosly funny things

And this dude does it with her .........

Later they get really close and he chooses not to complete the 3rd !!!!

If he completes the 3rd he loses the good ghost friemd and will be lonely again
All the special and funny moments shared together will just be a memory so he wants the good lady ghost to stay .....

Twist 1
The dude asks if she wants to be alive again in a different body ?
They transfer her soul to a body and they both live together
Or she materialises as a real person by the power of love as
Loving makes us real — thats from a movie i watched years ago......

Twist 2
War breaks out between them as he doesnt want to complete the 3rd wish
The good ghost turns into turturer ghost and
Me vs the ghost war but funny one

Ok there is ghost town !!
Lets make it different !!

Help good ghost lady who died as a good person enjoy all the bad crazy wild stuffs which she never experienced as alive plus the dude is simple living person

So he is down for the idea to do absolutely crazzy stuffs like hangover !!

What happens if you fall in love with a ghost ???

Lets make a dreamy story !!!

If you read this please share what you loved to do or always wanted to do and found it to be just a fairy tale thing which cant be done in real ???

Lets share childhood dreams and fantasies like charlie and choc factory where one can eat as much chocolate........

You can post comment and share your dream/fantasy and will make a story together :)

Dreamy with a .......... !!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A detective

While searching for clues of a crime

Finds a missing suspect, when he looks deeper finds a suspect to be himself who is also dead now.
You killed someone and you are also dead.

Finds old documents, newspapers, photographs of his own death !!!

While solving cases of murder he finds documents of his own murder !!!


How could this be possible ?

Im here and alive but why do these documents claim my own death
Even the photographs......
everything says an alive man is dead

Now he gotta solve the mystery of his own death but how can it be ???

Youre not dead but dead.

Nothing more thrilling than solving your own death !!!!


The newspaper and other documents claim he was dead 5 years ago. He also murdered someone.
The only difference is he has a new name and job.

Im a detective how can i mirder someone 5 years ago and die ??



Look alike / twin
Time travel
Fake documents


If i have a twin how do i not know ?

Time travel - how am i alive now then ?

Fake documents - whats the reason ?

What if there are all 3 things involved, i had a twin, time travel and fake documents.......

A big case to be solved !!!

After case solved !!
Lets try to make it nice

He was actually dead, those newspapers were after he was dead and his family kept.
His child that is about to get born soon, in future “25 yrs” after, comes back in time to solve the case of his dad murder and saves him...... the past was altered from his unborn baby from future.


What really happened during that time ?
He starts to read newspapers and all documents claiming his death and the murder he carried out......


Next scene after 30 years when his son is adult again and shows his interest in science and tech and talks about his interest in time, so the detective wants to see what hallened to him then.......

Finds out he was the one that time travelled not his son not anyone else......

He was solving the case using time machine made by his son....... and he went back to past to live longer....... or to fix a mistake.......

Shit im going crazy

But how was he dead when how and is still alive ???

To be continued !!!!