I am indigo

As I love 3D animated movies, this will be 1 of them.

A child is born in a family. Everyone in the family is happy. They name him "Flare" as their parents saw a spark in his eyes. Grew up to be very smart, kind and welfare of others.

one day while sleeping he had a dream of past life. He saw that he was created for a purpose and had a mission for the peace of the world. He wakes up and still remembers the dream, thinking as it was just a dream.

Then the dreams repeat every day giving flashes of what he must do to achieve his soul mission on earth and that was restoring the energy to earth. Ok, I will explain you in detail, "tree of life" just like that earth has a grid if you draw it geometrically. Most of the pin points are pyramids and other holy shrines from 1000s of years back. He was a warrior of the golden age born again in a different body just to complete his mission.

The child starts growing old and strange things start to happen. He has vivid dreams, clairvoyant, foresee future, etc. He starts talking to nature, can change computer programs with his mind.

He then goes to most of the places to unlock all the secrets with the dreams he is getting every day and restore the energy of the tree of life. He is guided by the power he had as I mentioned above.

Yes, he had a special power where he could send his soul out which I think is called Astral Projection. He meets many people along the way who are just like him and gets along with them to achieve the goal.

The only problem is that the concerned villains are searching for people. They have all ancient books and knowledge about this but couldn't unlock the power of tree circle. So by following the prophecy about the indigo child achieving the mission they follow him. When the energy of tree is restored they can have unlimited life and youth if they are there at the first sunrise on the pin points of the energy grid.

to be continued.....

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