Owly the night fowly : Birds legacy

We know about the human kingdom. We also saw animal kingdom in natgeo. Do we know much about the eagle's kingdom and his legacy on the sky?

This is the story of an eagle. As we all know eagle are the king of the sky but do you know how they maintain their sky kingdom? Their flight traffic rules, food rules, nest rules and mates, etc.
party in the arctic or fishing in the Atlantic, everyone follows the eagle's rule of the kingdom.

This story is about a king Eagle named "Alexander" who is responsible for maintaining a good environment for the birds to live and fly. All birds small and big live together peacefully and in harmony.

He has his special troops hawk the super cop and owl the night-fowl to guard his kingdom through the day and night.

His kingdom is attacked by a bunch of intruders that wants to throw him from the throne. The conspiracy rises in the kingdom. Crazy crows and vultures are among the rebel group that were always concerned groups that could cause harm to the kingdom any day. They wanted to steal the throne from king Alexander and rule the bird kingdom. One day they crossed the limit and attacked the peaceful and happy kingdom.

The crazy crows and vultures challenge all the king's troops and king himself for the battle of thrill flight. Whoever wins the battle gets to be throned and rule the bird kingdom.

to be continued....

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