Creator's Simulation

We are running out of circumstances to creativity. Anything creative requires a circumstance. A triangle has only 3 sides. You can define all the 3 sides 3 times differently but after that, it will seem repetitive. We will get bored of it. To make something new and define something new we need to have a new circumstance. In this case, we need to jump to the square so we have 1 extra thing to talk about.

Likewise, movies and music nowadays are so lame and repetitive that all the story and lyrics are tweaks of an older version.

So new world order idea made matrix movie. The Hindu story of gods made star wars. Lucid dreaming idea made an avatar, cern technology made Tomorrowland and terminators. The alien concept gave birth to alien movies. Technology gadgets gave birth to movies like emoji, social media(Facebook movie) etc. Martial movies, movies of children that are dreamy, animals movies, insects movies, plants and zombies movies, superheroes and villains movies. This is all done.

I am a constant follower of new movie trailers and try to get the ideas from it about what is about to happen. I think they are running of ideas. What we need is a new circumstance of a movie. Just like technology advancement made new words such as mouse a device, we need something that would be worthy of a story.

Are we in a simulation of God or the creator?
the answer is yes, everything is the tree of life. a circular formation of our core being of nature. James Cameron knew this as I saw him putting the tree of life in Avatar movie.

Is this simulation based on few codes and programs that restrict us from thinking beyond??

if we are created in the image of God and with free will, no we are not in a simulation. We create our simulation by yourself and the whole world adjusts to it. This is well defined in Upanishad and vedas+ Vedanta.

Why are humans less capable than machine? is it because we are not broadening our mind to different aspects of whole human evolution through time and space.

There is a man who spends half of his life studying maths and I think thats waste of life. Another researches about what happens if u crack your fingers for 30 years and thats another waste of life. You as a human are born with 7 colors of rainbow in you and must let shine all colors. I think as a human you gotta experience beyond that.

Lets talk about myself, im not wanderer but a wonderer. If i get free time i get my head full of creative ideas. Not just what I studied at uni or just the place where I live or came from. My horizons are I experience the whole universe just lying on my bed. I think this is how I become the master of my life's simulation. Run as fast as the computer processes things.

I do believe that we live in a simulation created by the Trinity -  Brahma, Bishnu and Mahesh.

I still believe science is very far behind when it comes to ancient knowledge. The science works on the illusion that light brings to our eyes whereas the ancient knowledge works on the principle of our core being- "OUR SPIRIT".

Im juggling around the topic because A crazy head is erupting as a volcano and some ashes some smoke and some lava.

Just saw the news that nsw police are given the on the spot shoot to kill command and its just saying keep quiet follow our orders as new world order is being put in place.

All these incidents are pretty much defined in captain america movie.

its been a week and cant think of anything original....

all sci fi fiction comedy every shit looks so repettive. technology is dumbing down our mind.....

elites want exactly what terminator and human extinction says in the movie.... the writings on the stone says reduce population to 20%..... to a sustainable level.... question is who gets to live and who not....

the guy that went to bilderberg, the youngest one, i saw his interview on and clearly see his body language that he was lying .... to many ahh ummm when he was asked about world domination and so fluent when normal things were asked....

i think i would rather die useless than being a part of corruption..... i dont even like paying 200$ of my hard earned money on tax ....every week.......

"""""""""""so a movie about a guy that breaks the tree of life.... the gods simulation....
makes whatever he wishes by hacking into god particle.....""""""
this is me , sick of this shit..... some independent high school dropouts research the dna and hack it .... create something that makes you the creator of the reality both spiritual and physical... no no not illusion and black magic.... you seen guy becoming avatar after lucid transporting to a different dimension.....

im talking about being the creator of another dimension where you can create what ever you like.... flowers create it , trees create it.... ocean create it .... whatever..... not just destroy pandora for some expensive metal.... but create a dimension full of that metal.... send your guards to guard and harvest it or just make another peaceful earth with prettiest girls and lots of weed and live there....

no elites no propaganda no trouble no money no work shit .... just pure heaven .....

dont tell me this was in your head ????

to explain the same story repeating agin i have an example:

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