How would you catch a killer thats inside you.
Your body is just a host and you dont remember anything.

You get used by the entity to destroy its enemy and reach its target.

You get seen by the survellience cams but you dont remember anything,

Police interrogates you but finds nothing. Does a lie detector and mental health checkup but you are completely fine.

It all starts when you fall asleep and it takes you over.

And guess what you are one of the police working to solve the murder case.

No proof nothing ..... but at last seen by spy cams .....

Now , whats the entity? No no not ghost

A unknown metor crashes into the feild .... just like how spider man becomes a black spiderman....

Now how will a police catch the convict if its inside him?

How will the justice be served ??

Suspense and thriller !!

Thats all for now

To be continued.....

Thats sounds impossible as a theory?
No !

The police has a chip in his body , that chip is hacked reprogrammed and the hackers are making him a killer.... fulfilling their goals from the computer in their dark rooms

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