noname : The great Magician

My dad is the greatest magician in the whole world. I love when he makes me smile with all the tricks he does when I am sad. He is simply the best dad. I love travelling with my family in magic show tour. I get to see all my dad's magic and I must say he is my hero.

Everything changed one day.

My dad was doing the most dangerous trick and he failed. He got vanished and never came back. Me and my mom cried and searched for dad a lot.

Now, my life's mission is to be a great magician like my dad. Learn the trick that got my dad vanished and never come back. This will allow me to find where my dad went wrong or who knows somebody kidnapped him.

With this dream, I had an unusual childhood. Instead of books and schools, i had magic sticks and magicians teaching me tricks. It is like one of those Harry Porter style magic school where I learn the magic tricks. I have lots of friends in my class who are pretty cool with awesome magic tricks. The only problem is my tricks never go right. I try to get bunny out of a hat and I get the snake out. Crazy right.

But everything changes when I find that special girl in my magic school. She was so beautiful and looked like an angel made for me. I quickly became friend with her and started hanging out with her.

She was so perfect with her illusion magic tricks. She also acted as a motivation factor for me and I started believing in me. This helped me a lot. I was successful in carrying out all the tricks.

We started growing up and were together. We less than friends and more of a soulmate. We could understand each other without the need to speak.

Later when I turned 18, I told her that my real reason to learn the magic wasn't to be a magician. It was to find my missing dad. She showed me a confused look and asked me what happened to my dad. I told her all the story and asked her if she would help me do the most dangerous escape trick and find what could have happened.

the twist here is his father was kidnapped by the magic master, my girlfriend's father because he was jealous of my dad's success. I get to know about him when she invited me to her house and told me her father is a great magician of 70s 80s. After she introduced me to her I get to know that my dad was once working with him. He was his assistant.

 to be continued :)

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