My father is a billionaire. You are thinking i am a billionaire too . Well, thats not the case.

My dad had 3 wishes to be fulfilled before i get his property.

Those are:

Now i have to do all these things mentioned in his property bill so the lawyer can name me the owner pf my dads property.

This sounds easy and fun right? Just complete the checklist and become billionaire.

Wait, i havent told you whats in the list yet.

He wants me to go to india and learn the culture, lifestyle and how the people live there.

I cant think of anything more at the moment but there will be tremendously life changing wishes his dad makes before death. Gives him a lesson of life.

At last he ends up getting all the money but with the lesson he learnt he ends up donating all the money and living as social worker for betterment of society.

His wish fulfillment journey is supposed to be a funny one as a prody american doing weird stuff is funny. 

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