Polar bear: does "get Snowy home" sound cliche?

Well, by the title you have guessed the name of the movie and the main character.

It is supposed to be animated movie about a polar bear from the arctic.

Snowy is with his mother when the layer of ice breaks.

Snowy goes somewhere else far from his mother on the broken layer of ice.

From here his adventure starts. I came up with this because it can also teach the kids about the danger of climate change and teach them about the struggle of the life of a polar bear.

After he gets on a boat of broken ice, he is surrounded by many danger. Accompanied by enemies and friends, he continues his journey full of struggle, thriller and a beautiful friendship with other Arctic animals such as seals and penguins. Don't forget about the sea eagles that help him navigate to the home where his mother is and reaches there successfully.

dont tell me this has been done .... and i wasted my sleep for nothing !!

well you are right on this, im not perfect or pro on this. But I know I live in an era where almost everything is done but i love to find loopholes and you know it. I bet you still havent forgotten the musical expose. another thing, im born on the feb 27 which makes me the most creative human on earth which I dont want to waste.

Thank you.....

alright i checked up the internet and there is norm of the north but it is nothing like the story i have written....

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