Monday, July 17, 2017


the name for this story could be gold or galactic treaty. Whatever suits later or maybe even a better one come up in my mind

1000 of years ago, there were not just human races ..... multiple races

Living together travelling in galaxies ..... these sulerior races gave us all the knowledge we need for development.....

Now to maintain peace they need to do a ...... its a secret

And for that they need gold.

We the illuminated ones are collecting best golds from all around the world for 1000s of years now so that the purification of earth could be completed.....

Clock is ticking and we need to get enough gold so the purification process can be complete

All the superior et will be coming to earth to activate all the magical portals and healing energy rivers on earth which will remove the pain of all human beings.....

Its been thousands of years we have last met with these Et.

After half time

The et came but our msg got sent to wrong part of galaxy and we invited the most cruel ets. Their only goal is to multiply their breed on other planets.

I dont know what im thinking looks like cocktail of scifi movie going all over....

But i just want a movie that will potray the main reason for collection of gold by the world bankers...... joining the story of how gold was precious element from ancient history and had high position in royal families and gods.....

The gold is the key to god !!

Something just like this.....

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