The Big WHY?

Alex suddenly wakes up. His head filled with strange thoughts. Where am I? What's happening?

He finds strange looking doors in front of him. All he has to do is get out of there. Every wrong door he enters has a quest to be completed. These quests are all the illusions of life. For example - a door that takes you to the door of attachments of relationship has a quest where you must maintain a good relation with who ever he meets there. If he meets his parents he has to act accordingly, and if the person is his family or wife he has to act accordingly.

If he chooses the money door, he could wake up like a banker in a meeting with his stakeholders, ok we need to do something because our bank hasn't made much profit. He has to fix his bank money making problems.

There are many doors - lust, greed, fame, money, relationships,  anything that he can dream of.

Animals or trees you name it, he can be anything but you must live as it is but theres a escape after understanding its purpose in existence.

And he will only be free to go out of the maze when he realises he is just dreaming. The real world that is waiting for him to become something and contribute, pay taxes, have baby, buy house etc etc.... He realises they are all illusions and no matter which door you choose you will never find peace and satisfaction.

But to make this interesting he is guided by an inner voice in his head that tells him the clues to the solution out of every door.

its just like matrix but in a different way and different moto. In matrix its all about big brother watching and want to know everyones secret and business.... here he is in self-discovery.

Since, he wants to know the purpose of his life.

"What I am trying to do here is, inspired by lord Buddha's story and quest to find enlightent and free from attachments he has to complete and try different things when tired he closed his eyes and just started ignoring the world and feel his own inner world."

So at last he understands the purpose of everything in the world.

and his purpose in the world too.

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