Alex's Cupid Friends

cupid's arrow



3 keywords for this story

love showers from the sky and fills the human heart which is why we are living so peacefully here on earth with perfect harmony

all the cupids are falling from the could and hitting arrows on everyone's heart and making them fall in love......


there is a kid who grew up in a very harsh condition and couldnt feel love as nobody ever loved him, all he felt was pain...... cupids try to hit him with so many arrows when we was around cute girls but with no luck his heart never got hit by any arrow


if no arrow hits his heart, he will give rise to other dark cupids that will start hitting hate arrows and bring problems and chaos to the earth.... so the good cupids come to earth to help him "they come in human children" form and try to be-friend him ....

only to find he loves lonliness and doing things his own way..... as time goes on his dark heart will start making dark clouds in the sky that will produce dark cupids to spread hate

now it is upto good love cupid and with other children that kid has to open his heart and feel love and find a mate "girlfriend/lover"



but he go nuts finally with the help of cupid when he finds a girl just like him, a beautiful mess in herself and just like him she doesnt like love either..... they become enemies because they both mess up each others stuff and feelings in a good way where both become unseperable.......


to be continued........

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