Cops Reunion

Thinking of cops funniest movie ever.

The cops from all around the unite as part of their training completion.

Like a bachelor party. 

Us cops to chinese cops, how do you catch criminals ? You dont even have eyes, poor you guys cant even see those hot chicks in the pool.

Head of cops come in "announcement "

Do u guys thought it will be all pleasing and fun ?? No, you have relaxed enough now the test time

Coos all around the workd has been on this to do a secret test

We will turn by turn make one group of coo criminal or terrorist and other has to catch them like cat mouse game .....

Who ever wins will be called the best cops group in the world so u better win max cuz i wanna be called the best trainer ......

So whats the test ? 

1. Seduction by enemy 
2. Lure with greed
3. Kill or die
4. Run like hell with your partner on back
5. Swim with the fish

1. A secret seduction test is conducted where most of the boys and girls fail.....
Good job dylan you passed the test, how could you resist that hot women, sir im gay so.....

Haha so you are gay !! Hell ya

2.  Give me your secrets from your group and you will have enough money and i will pay you all fortune, tyson you didnt give the secret for so much cash why ? Sir, i didnt wanted to get cash cuz theres no where to hide here , i asked him to bank transfer but he refused ...... haha u dumbass

My internet is out so writing text to save my data cuz i already spent 40$ up on my data allowed .....

the selected best and survivals will take on a mission to assassinate a political leader.

What happens when the dumbest luckily win the survival test and sent to the mission.

the good thing in the end of the movie is like mr bean or ,, scooby doo ,, they accomplish the mission but with lots of troubles and mistakes .....

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