who is SATOSHI ?

OK, let me ask you somrthing, in a world where there is no privacy and everything you do in a computer connected with internet is recorded in PRISM database, its hard to fake your identity. It hard to stay anonymous online.

There is no way you can hide from BIG BROTHER's ANALYSTS in the NSA.
SO, they know and knew it from the start who created the bitcoins.

But why are they not revealing him ??? and who is it??

ok, this sounds crazy but i think like a fantasy movie, NSA THE MASTER OF ANONYMITY created bitcoins. why?

NSA works for world bankers, so , if the bank is going down with the fiat cash currency, there was an urgent need for a digital payment system which could be 60% in their hand and 40% in public which included the big companies which are their partners.

now, can we make a NERD Movie?

Project Satoshi started in USA with 100 million dollars from tax payers secretly to make a new money and payment system that has today become revolutionary.

Everyone thinks BITCOIN is anonymous and cant be tracked or hacked but the truth is crazy.

Lets go back to 2002 where it all started. We collected the best internet geeks and had a meeting with World bankers to find a payment system that would be in our control but making people feel like we are in control. We have collected trillions of dollars as capital and we can crash or hype the market anytime with our famous business persons (minions).

something similar

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