Agenda : Machines

Year - 2400

It all started during the early of 22st century , everything on earth changed….

Human as our quest for hunger of knowledge and understanding how god worked….
We understood everything, we also mastered immortality by uploading ourselves to the robot memory……


Like humans war for food, the immortal we robots started fighting for energy to charge metallic bodies…..

Everything was peaceful until the crisis of energy on earth to recharge every robots battery created chaos….

Then again, virus were made from the group of people that wanted to remove other immortal robots from the running out energy supply…….

Then, every local energy supply was infected with the computer virus that was designed to self destruct them selves…… the infected robots destroyed energy supply when they destroyed themselves……

Now left is destroyed earth, like einstein said, stick and stones……

The gift of immortality starts to be burden as you can live as long as you can charge yourself…… but is that enough ? is just wondering the dead planet enough as our evolution? Nothing to feel….. Just a brain that is wondering without the true beauty of nature and our humane way of life??

Or are we supposed to ….
Put things back together?
Like instead of power hungry human wanting to be robots in 21st century…….

The left over robots in 24th century decide to try what god did in the beginning ……
Creature a nature……..

Too much of man makes robots
Now we see, how robots makes nature and human appear on a dead planet again……
This is not that hard because all the smart people that survived had their hard disk recorded with human dna data as well as other nature codes “genetics”
Since the dead planet is like mars without water ……
So they collect the gas molecules from their exploration, setup labs, try create radiation filled soil to be clean and able to grow life back again with lab made h20 ”water”........

But they do something good while making humans which was the mistake of god
When god made humans they gave us “ free will , curiosity, greed , hatred, hunger for knowing”

The robots remove the part of that from human dna code and engineer perfect human beings who doesnt want to have more, know more, etc etc …..

They just live for the moment and plus they created an immune system which will never make any human sick…. So its a heaven again without the apple tree and the serpent……

The smart robots decide they want to go back to human forms themselves….. And enjoy the earth that they made better than the god’s code …..

The leader amoung them “ look this is perfect, we have removed the bad red chip from them, we have seen enough and lived enough, lets just go out of energy and be free from this burden…. Where u feel nothing but regret of wanting it all…… let just be free…… and see the stars shine ”

If we become human again,  again earth will get infected as we know…… and that is the problem…….

Let the earth be ignorantly blissful and peaceful………………..


After 20 years a lightning bolt hits the robots again, fully charging them…. And they awake again to see their perfectly left world….. One vision and boom……..

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