You know what's the best super power ?
Not being spotted by anyone, yes invisibility.

What if you could make your own invisibility cloak through refraction of light and could do anything you want. Yes ladies and gentlemen this is possible and we have done it. 

This has high demand in National security agencies and celebrities for they want to roam around the world without being traced and traced by the papparazzi and all fans , in case of spy being spotted by enemies. As all the spy and celebrities are microchipped and normal people can't see them but anything metal detector will detect them for their chip in the body. 

Look at that beach / island ? 
Looks empty ?
Now look with this glass , especially designed to grab all refracting lights with dual concave and convex Lens with darkest black element to see any invisible people. 

Holy there are people enjoying on the beach on that island, yes surely. This device gives a complete freedom to the celebrities and our spies a next level security. 

But what happens when this technology gets in wrong hand ??? A person without a microchip that can't be traced ?? 

It's supposed to be a funny movie.
So instead of a super villian , a jerk idiot gets the device. What he does ? All the stupid things he does with this will put dumb and dumber and hangover on the bottom level.

Why pay to get in strip club ? Why need a golden ticket to anything ? Security guards ? Bye bye 

Just find a mansion get in it and live the way you want .... Nobody is gonna find out.... 

Unless... You take it to another level...... 
Of course cross all the limits and trash everyone's mansion, get in the got talent and mess them up, reality show you name it.....

After gov finds ? 
Well, my case , find him...... 

Everyone get your colour seeing glasses on we gotta mission " jerk on the run".

There is cases on women getting orgasms without anyone

Condoms being stolen from supermarkets

Viagra being stolen

Women are calling it a pleasure air that comes with pleasure

Crossing the limit again fk

The football team in the world cup just had amazing magical 20-0 win

Crazy things happening all around the world....

News anchors acting crazy

Because with great power comes greater irresponsibility , it's always fun to mess things up because if you follow star wars classic you will be called preacher and Jesus so be a fucking invisible Deadpool ...... 


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