$1 to billion

A crazy story always starts with a cunning story character. 

Johnny is a broke genius trying to find a living. 
Business loan to open a cafe, $3 milk and $40 beans = $400 of income. he opens a cafe with his friends. Makes a lot of profit but when they pay off the loan and divide the money its nothing between multiple partners.

Johnny is wondering around and finds a idea on the name of the street, "Bank Street"

like bing lee started business by giving away electronics to ppl close to them mostly asians, they broaden their sales and business and became famous and successful.

He collects money gained from cafe and they decide to lend it to people that are in need just like them. This goes on and slowly they attract drug dealers, betters, who win a lot of stake from illegal works and then return to Johnny. 

they see profit in this and decide to open up a bank. Register the name, whats gonna be the name of the bank ?
lets think, Bankey's Bank. We need a IT guy now to make a website and app. They start getting in the bank business, money lending as loan and make money from loans. The profit increases from 10 thousands to 100 thousands and later to millions. 

the drug dealer and betters that befriended them, follow them when the newspapers print articles of them being successful and making millions. They know how you became broke to millionaires even billionaires with dirty deeds involving them so now they want a share on the business.

save yourself, save your friends and family by giving a share 
report them but that is only going to start never ending war with mobs.......

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