Animation Story : Sam with Magic Pen

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A hungry kid on the street, begging for food, suddenly gets a pen when asked for food and money. The pen is in a box that says "You will save us."

Looking puzzled, he wonders why he got the pen but he keeps it anyway. At night a street dog comes to him and cuddles for if the boy, sam, has any food for him. Sam tells the dog "mate, all I got today was this pen. sorry, no food." The dog barks in a weird way looking at the pen shine really bright. Sam looks at the pen and sees the golden piece of the nib of the pen shinning really bright like a star.

Sam searches the trash to find some piece of paper, finds a piece of paper. Draws some bread and milk in the paper. A couple of seconds later the milk and bread pops out of the paper. Dog and sam looking excited seeing the food, grabs a piece of bread for himself and throws another for the dog. It tastes better than anything he had before. He opens up the lid of the milk bottle and drinks some and pours some for the dog. They both now have a magic pen. sam and the dog lucky become the s friend and stick together ever since.

Sam decides to go to school, learn new things and draw for him and his puppy friend lucky. He draws new clothes and a secret hideaway place for himself and lucky. They both draw whatever they want from the pen and live in their hideaway place. Sam now has changed his appearance, showers, new clothes and goes to investigate for the school he wants to enroll. Finds out the requirement says he needs parents, money as fees and books. He wonders how he is going to get parents and draws a magazine. He was an orphan so he decides to draw a man and a woman as his parents and to look after him. The trick here is if you tear the paper, the things in existence will disappear. So anything made for the long term has to be saved by preserving the paper he drew and kept safe.

Sam, since he drew his parents from pen has new parents just like in real life but unknowingly yet they don't have memory. Sam names them, Thomas and Emma. They go to school for the enrolment. Now just born parents have to help sam enroll since the parents are like kidlike it's going to be very stupid and funny as they have no idea of school. Though sam teaches them basics about school still the principal's questions are random, like what is your child's interest? ummm,, they reply - he draws very well. Ok, principal replies.

After a chaotic interview, sam trying to fix all his fake new parents answers, his enrolment and admission get confirmed. Sam goes to school and sees this girl, Elisa, falls in love. Now, Sam starts to draw "what girls like" book which tells him flowers, chocolates, etc. He starts the conversation with Elsa and becomes the friend. Then slowly brings gifts. Elsa is very happy to receive a lot of gifts from sam and she hugs him tight.  Elsa tells him to invite her to his place. Sam says ok and both leave for each other's place.

Sam starts thinking about a home because he is been living in his secret hideaway with lucky and his 2 fake parents Thomas and Emma. Sam decides to tell her the truth about himself and the pen. When Elsa is invited to Sam's home. Sam takes Elsa to his hideaway place and introduces her to his parents. Elsa enjoys the delicious meal and everything else that was magically made by Sam from the pen. Then later after spending some hours together, they both depart each other's home.

One day, Sam is invited to Elsa's house and Sam accepts the invite. He goes to her home meets her parents and enjoys a delicious meal. The person that gave him the pen was a magician, the magician was his parents' friend and he is in trouble now. Sam's parents were killed by the dark side "evilo". Evilo is the person collecting all the magical items to rule the world by bringing the demons back to life. He can go to the dark side from the magic he stole from Sam's dad. Evilo wants to draw demons and bring them to earth to destroy all and control earth by erasing the world's color into black and white. The magician, Peter quickly recognizes the boy and understands that he drew his parents back. Now he will be in trouble if evilo sees his parents as they match both body and face because the picture he drew from the magazine was his parents, the magicians. He luckily drew his own parents back to life but if evilo sees them, he will come for pen and destroy everyone.

Game starts now
Peter trains Sam. Tells him the truth about pen, his parents and the monster evilo. That he has to fight evilo with the magic that peter will teach him plus the pen. Drawing magic carpet and become aladin, yes possible. Take elsa on a date on the magic carpet....

Evilo vs sam
evilo is too strong for sam and captures sam's magic pen. Draws the world black and white. Now Peter and sam fight back together with evilo. They get pen back. Peter asks sam to draw something that will remove darkness in the world. The only thing that hasnt got color or is not affected by color but everyone knows the existence of. Everyone loves it and now we all have it in our pockets.

first he draws, superman, spiderman, batman, all the superheroes but they all fade to blackness

what is it ? takes a long time to figure out what it is but when sam closes his eyes, he sees his memory of childhood before evilo killed his parents, his mom...................

yes that's it. lets draw that and remove the darkness and dark evilo from earth.

think what items/things can cure black and white world made by drawing black earth with dark demons ??
I need an answer from you big brother to write the end. I just want to see if we think same.
I already have 1 epic item that restores the color to the world to destroy dark evilo who turns earth black and white with dark demons. No, what if sun is blocked by dark black clouds. No light. Earth is slowly turning black and now something needs to be done to bring earth's beautiful colors and rainbow back. what is it?

answer- he sees in his memory with his mom, singing for him.
Music can turn darkness and every negative thing into bright and happy environment.
Sam draws his favorite musical band that he saw sitting outside the tv shop, bing lee and watched some of the shows..... what band what music????

when cold play's paradise chorus and strum guitar..... it starts restoring color and make earth bright and colorful again...... and dark evilo loses his powers as he turns colorful again.... demons dissapear.....

everyone celebrate and a beautiful rainbow in the sky......

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