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A normal person, normal life, everything is going fine but he touches a childhood object that once belonged to him. He starts getting the flashback of crazy things. He is 40 now, but when he touches things that once belonged to him, every object gives him a flashback. He thought he was normal until he revisits his memory of stunt bikes, shooting guns and crazy driving when the objects that were returned him from the military without any knowledge to him that he was in gov secret agency as an agent. Photographs start to give him memories.
but one memory keeps haunting him, a car drowning and a girl asking for help.
 This is normal, but not when once you worked with gov agency on a secret mission and your memory was erased for a reason.

Who was the girl that drowned? Why was he doing stunts, shootings? All this question starts to bother him a lot. All the time he thought he lived the life he was living was only half truth.

He starts to get repeating screams of the girl in the dream. He then from memory draws the picture of the girl, he saw drowned. He starts searching for that girl he saw in dream drowning with the car asking for help.

The quest to find that girl from his dream sets him to a completely different adventure of thrill and danger. The thing that makes him easy to find the girl is she is brunette with a butterfly tattoo. He contacts every tattoos parlor for the girl with the picture he drew. He then from one tattoo parlor find the name of the girl. He starts to search the internet to find the name of the girl and related information.

The name of the girl is Sally M. He finds the place where she worked. It's a trading company. He goes there and shows the picture and asks for Sally M. The manager there lies to him and tells him that there is no1 with that name or looks like the girl in the picture. He senses the lie in the face of the manager and goes home anyway. Touches the items that were from his past to get flashbacks but everything is a short memory, blurred and nothing makes sense to him. He goes to sleep that night and sees another of the dream the girl asking for help, "help me jack, help me". He suddenly wakes up with a stone thrown into his room from window pane from the shattering of glass. He looks outside and sees a car driving away quietly. He looks around and finds a stone with a letter. He opens up the letter and finds the warning message "stay away from this".

He is unable to sleep that night with the thought of the girl and his connection with her. Now, the people that sent him a warning message on the stone wrapped up is from the spies of the gov. He is still unaware of all the connection trying to fix all the pieces together and find his relationship with the girl sally. He decides to sneak into the trading company to steal the data of the employees.

He researches about breaking into places and gets more flashback as it was what he always did. After clicking online video of how to crack the database, he watches it for 2 minutes and he suddenly gets very long flashback after which he knows everything about computer systems and breaking into places. It always has been in his memory and the video unlocks it. He understands everything about breaking into places, fingerprint copy, search fingerprint in access buttons and sits outside to record the people type the access button and records the video of the button being pressed. He later when the company gets closed sneaks in and sprays the button, rewatches the video and copies the button pressed where the spray shows the fingerprint.

Gets in and steals the data in the USB and deletes the camera data and goes out safely. Connects his computer with USB and searches for sally's details. He gets shocked to find the picture of him in her profile as her husband. Now, he needs to know what happened to her, he meets a girl that works in the company from really long time found from data, and they meet up in a cafe. They talk about sally. Suddenly, gunshots showers in the cafe but they crawl outside from backdoor and jack rides bike and they escape. The girl he met in a cafe, Julie, was sally's one of the best mates. Julie tells him all about Sally. She tells Jack, I never met her husband but she told me he was working on the secret mission, and it was I think a time machine. He successfully made the time machine, that is what she told me. Then I heard the news of them both dying by drowning in the crocodile river. Only the car pieces and their belongings were found. Everybody believed that they both were dead. Who are you Julie asks? Jack replies I am jack sally's husband.

jack made time machine and saw the future that gov agents had bad intention
he broke the machine but that can be fixed and is being fixed by other agents and scientists in the lab but
jack put his wife's heartbeat and his retina as the passcode for the machine, so no matter what they do they cant access the machine when they both are dead.

gov attacked both to capture them, they tried to escape and the car fell in the river
sally got taken away and is in captive in a liquid preserver with the only heartbeat kept alive without consciousness and they left jack because he lost his memory
so when the machine gets ready they will ask for retina from him without telling him but now he knows
now spy vs spy vs agent vs agent vs scientist vs scientist....... drop everything you got
jack knows now the people that threw the stone in his window are the people agents that don't want him to know the truth. No superpowers and getting in where his wife is kept captive is impossible. Every move is tracked so being moveless or let's say trackless is only answer. So he studies everything to make invisibility cloak and gets in. Now, you don't see me because he is a genius agent and his memory is back, at least 90%.
He still hasn't shown his gun accuracy skills.

gets in, rescues her, she is already dead except the heartbeat, uses her heartbeat and his retina to unlock the time machine. Then, reverses time to when he was about to sign the contract for the development of time machine, kisses his wife and says - "let it be, we enjoy our time slowly, i dont want to mess with time anyway......."


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