Superhero movie

I- we concept , its one body, but you become 2 when needed. 1 full hero = 100% power
2 hero = 50%  50%. Power

Big brother, you know we all half man half woman with mom and dad's DNA chromosomes.....

So this superhero is either a 100% = man or woman 1 instance
50% man 50% woman 2 instance

What if you catch and lock a full instance with 100% power and yet, the i-becomes we and splits and gives power to another 50% to help another

The logic here is to show that neither man or woman wins with 100% power

They only get to beat the enemy with divided power yet united we stand strong theory with 50%*2 power :)

So no menism or feminism :)
We dont have to fight for rights, we are born with it, having it yelled or in paper makes no difference , we need to think as it and act as it :)

Yes i love you but dont hurt me.......

We can give hot girl fire power and flight.....
Strong man strength ......
combined power 50% strength 50% flame with flight

Or divided 100% each power :)

Not trying to please others, contributing :) as the means allow :)

But nobody knows like every heroes has hidden identity from public

I= 1 person
We - man different, woman - different

So when they combine they become something different :)

They are twin flames or matched opposite......

The logic as i said enemy can only be beaten by splitting power instead of 1 having all to beat the  "main boss"

But in some situations girl power like seduction trap flight or 🔥 works
And in some situations men power fight quick thinking problem solving works  etc
Both have some common powers like normal human has.....

Combined power to be used in  very hard tricky situations..... because "I" has extremely unique combined power of man and woman ......
This idea is based on the below listed pic:

Main boss split attack
And learn 100% of each persons power

And they live in individual bofies

As lovers after world os in peace from main billiam without a single body :)

The lovers were trapped in 3rd body by spells.....
They find a way out to temporarily seperate with 50% power each .....

Later fully split ..... break spell......
kill the darkness :)

Happy ending to this story

Whats crazier than deadpool ??
When male and female deadpool unite in a body n get trapped

Maybe geniuses talk to themselves for a reason....

They have a bigger self inside that listens and reacts with a response :)

Girl- Why do i have boxers on ? Oh
Boy - why do i have bra on

Fk this

Boy - my legs are itching, do u know why
Girl - oh, forgot to tell you, i shaved

got this from this...

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