Social Predator

"Based on True Story"

Mr. Johns looks pretty normal person. A happy family man, with 2 boys and a beautiful wife.
Is rich and lives in luxury. His wife attends lots of parties with her friends and his both son attend school.

What he does when no one is around will shock you. He has a countryside house where he goes often why?

He creates the social account on different names, makes young teen girls fall in love with him and then takes them to the countryside house where no one knows what happens to the girls until now.

Sarah, just turned 18, looking for a man to take control of her, do all the crazy things young adult do.

Makes a social account "facebook" posts her pictures with her friends, parties clicks and some bikini pics on beaches.

It's a typical Friday night and Sarah is ready to go to the party, accepting all the invites from her friends to crash here and there one by one.

suddenly she sees a friend request on her facebook, it looks like a young handsome looking bloke next door...

She looks at his pic, which is Mr Johns as a Name of Max. She looks some of his pics and then accepts the request. They chat a couple hours and Sarah decide to meet him in one of the party she is attending. Later they close the facebook, both dress up and get ready for the party. They also exchanged a phone number. Mr. Johns has an extra phone number with him which only gets switched on when he is in hunt mode. Sarah leaves for the party with her friends, its 11 in the night and she receives the call from Max aka Mr. Johns. They decide to meet outside the club and max tells her that he has an expensive car and he is waiting to drive her out on a long road. Sarah gets excited and gets outside, sees an expensive sports car outside, are you max? she is little drunk, yet she recognizes that max looks a bit older than FB pics, max replies, yes that's me max, the FB pic you saw are couple of years old as I haven't got time to update my fb details because of business. I am a rich and responsible man you know, I got more things to take care of rather than just Facebook pictures.

OK, sounds cool and you look like an interesting person. Sarah gets in the expensive car and leaves with max. Max takes her to a countryside house. She is drunk, both kiss and get intimate with each other. Max, as she doesn't know, is a predator, he gets rough, starts spanking and beating her, she like it but it gets way more intense. He starts beating her in her butt with sticks. She finds him weird and asks to leave. He doesn't let her and tells her there is no way you can escape at this time from here, or anyone here to hear you scream for help so co-operate. He rapes her multiple times and she is murdered after that.

It is repeated multiple times with multiple girls. Many girls became the victim of this. List of missing girls started getting longer and longer day by day. Family worried society worried, police department worried. Now the pressure is high on police to find the missing girls. Police secretly checks the missing girls facebook conversation and it all links to similar fake facebook account of a predator. They found out its the case of a psychopath who rapes and murders girls and burns them in his countryside house and throws them in the crocodile river. All clue leads to MR johns, now they better gotta catch him in action rather than catching him just like that so he can be punished with concrete proof. Until one last girl who changes everything. She is not just ordinary girl. Since Max aka MR johns are very smart in hiding the truth and clue of murder, the police are unable to get to him until now, Facebook details all leads to Johns and now police are ready to set up an agent to catch him red-handed in action.

Agent Bimmi is put in action to trap Mr. Jones. She lures him to her trap and he just like other girls takes her to his countryside house then tries to have sexual act, which slowly gets intense and the killer beast in him gets out. The house is already surrounded by police and they are ready to crash in anytime. waiting for the signal from the agent Bimmi. Agent Bimmi then signals with a button in her very tine ear piece to signal police while Mr Johns grabs an axe to cut her in pieces. Its a frightening scene. Police gets in and shoots johns in his leg. The beast of the psycopath has already come out which doesnt look any less than a wolf attacking its prey even though its wound a bit. Police fight with him and take him in control. 

Everyone is shocked to find such a happy family man could turn out to be a psycopath. A person who is social, has happy home, happily married, two kids etc could be a psycopath.

Court scene - Jury orders him as he is caught red handed attempted murder of Agent Bimmi, a 40 years jail plus a rehab centre. 

A turn, something in his past triggered him to hate the girls and murder them. What is it? 
things come out slowly in his rehabilitation centre. the truth will scare you about what happened to him in the past. 

---He was a very happy kid but poor. Very smart and bright. He had couple of relationships and none of them worked out.  All his gfs, left him when he was young becasue while his school friends were partying and taking girls on expensive cars, he was working his ass off to support himself as he was an orphan. He had to look after himself and all his expenses while on the other hand, high school kids with family and abundance of money enjoyed their life. 

 his gfs left him to ride the expensive cars no matter how much he loved them, cut his money out to take them on date and take care of them... they left him, even, bullied at his work from the kids who was from his own schools..... this hatred and bullying he faced turned him into monster..... he started hating young girls that go after party and expensive cars.... he wont kill girls that jut go with him without cars or expensive things and cars..... the genuine people, he didnt kill them.....

when i see a criminal, i dont see a criminal, as a person that looks at everything from a perspective of cause and action of triggers on human brain,,, i go into root cause of a problem because im sick of bookworm experts..... thats why i wrote this story.......

society makes monster because society is not perfect......
people donot look another person as a ill person they look them as a criminal and with prism every fcking one is a criminal and monster...... i hate this......

when a fit and fine person gets a tag of mentally sick !!

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