Beating the time

we all know time dilation.

space has different time interval where the person at one point ages faster or slower than other person depending on the dilation of that point in space.

the movie interstellar tells about dilation but mostly focused on space and earth......

we can make one brief adventure movie with a twist of time dilation focused. two people or two group gets separated. One in fast time and another in slow. One stays young while other might die, so to keep balance they must reach in slower clock planet or point in space.

Fight alien in space.
One gets attacked and spins around in another part of space where time is fast.
Now, one has to rescue her. from slow time to fast.

Each day he loses will be a year in another person's time zone.
complete this in less than 5-6 years to save her getting dead in 30 - 40days as it is 40 years.

there is a movie about a dude getting stuck in stone for 28 days or something similar. This can be a girl getting stuck in a different time zone and has to be rescued. The logic that combines is space, time dilation which works like dream from inception.

making a little, scifi, we can add doctor strange like portal maker but the girl lost her portal maker when being attacked by alien... so the dude has to search her asap before the dilation makers her old.... and dead and gone..... 

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