Date Swap

A club which allows the couple to date each other's partner until the contract date.

2 couple are ready to swap their wives and go on date with other's partner.

1 exchanged couple goes very well and other go very bad.

Slowly the Couple A that were swapped fall for each other.

Couple B that were swapped don't get along very nicely and want their partners back but they don't want their wives or husband back. They seem to enjoy the company of each other. Now, couple B is jealous of their partners enjoying the company but they couldn't and want them back but the contract hasn't finished so the only way they can go is to try to divide both as much as possible. The fighting couple B unite to make this happen.

get our husband and wife back, Are you with me?
let's make this happen.

1. Beautiful gift exchanged to string bikini like one of stripper
2. Phone contact deleted
3. Cloth of man torn in the butt
4. The credit card of both stolen from wallet and purse, cant pay restaurant bill
5. Send weird msgs to each other, etc all the stupid revenge things

Slowly they get their partners back by breaking the bond of the swapped couple A, but couple B finally find a bond in them which they couldn't before and were fighting a lot. Trouble starts when the contract is about to end and see how people heart can change. The weird situation arises when the original partners feel for others.

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