You no longer see 1% at work.

Let me tell you a secret, we all have our muse. Our own humanoid that we control where ever we go. We give them instructions and they do anything we want. No cops can detect muse as a tool made by us.

We no longer work, we send our muse to do the things we want. Their brain neurons are programmed with micro fibers made with digital chips that receives the masters command and does the things.

Yes, it's like having your own human pokemon that does things you want.

They are not real humans, they are clone hybrids of highly smart people mixed together in a different container "body" with plastic surgery so they can have unique identity.

They dead, no problem, we can have more, we got a secret factory where they are produced upon request like barbie dolls.

We can command them to be a star, rob a bank, do something extraordinary and make money for us while they can enjoy the fame.

But we 1% know more than any of you out here. Money is not the big problem, we have enough. What we dont have is time.

Population is growing so rapidly and we are running less on time and resources for survival. We gotta do something for survival. So we made our personal muse that does things we can't even imagine to do ourself. Whats the best part, they dont betray.

now we got characters, speciality and features background
we now need a plot to put them together....

how will personal muses be used for ......

condition 1- create a muse and send them overseas infected with undetectable virus to wipe out the whole nation so fast

condition 2 - infiltrate the neuclear bases and destroy all the country themselves by their nukes

condition 3 - personal spy for big bosses

condition 4 - or we can still make a die hard scenario for money and saving country from criminals

condition 5 - muse can help bosses to remove each other's opponents from mafia being undetectable from regular plastic surgery ...... with a unique identity every time

condition 6 - steal government secrets

condition 7 - Assasination of political leaders

condition 8 - replace a political leader by kidnapping him.....

endless possibility.....

just a fictional story.... no heart feelings....
1% isnt like this........

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