Drug Nation

Welcome to drug nation.
We have a drug for everything ranging from 100 dollars to million dollars.
need that perfect score in exam by remembering everything we have it.
need a perfect date like "the mask - somebody stop me style date" we have it
become limitless we have it
become inception we have it
party drug we have it
become perfect singer, actor we have a drug for it


A genius in chemistry decides to quit his job in stupid lab where they inject drugs in rats....
he decides to import his own chemicals and make magic pills....and become rich.....


the demand goes like crazy when everyone finds out about the magic drugs. Government and police department (FDA) buys the drugs and tries it and works like charm.

They are in two mind whether or not to legalise the drug as it showed no symptoms of addiction or side effects with only magical effect depending upon the pill they took. 

Two of the officers tried genius pill and solved rubix cube in 20 seconds. They are amazed. There is pill for everything. Now, they are wondering who made all these pills must be a genius. The only name anyone knows is supplier is anon in the dark web and takes transaction from bitcoins.

Gov wants to work with this guy to stop the public supply and only make genius pills for gov agents and elites. He believes he is making world a better place by unlocking the potential of every huamn on earth. The problem is the elite dont want the magic pills for the public. They want the pills for themselves and keep it secret and build their empire higher and stronger.

police/detectives are ordered to find the author of the magic pills. The darkweb account anon goes off as the NSA blocks the account and deletes the user to completely stop the supply. This creates outrage amoung the public that is using the pills for many reasons such as outperform at work, find amazing business ideas to make money or just to be happy.

People come down to street demanding the pill supply to be active and to legalise it as it unlocked their potential to do much more and be happy.

im sick, i need a immunity pill and will continue this.....

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