ugly petals

Made my left brain a 6 yr old and right 30 
And came up with a story animation

There is a garden thats like modelling company
Where different flowers go and ramp


Every flower has a dream to win the competition 
But there’s this 1 ugly flower which doesnt have beautiful petals or leaves

But has something no other flowers have 
Strength - thorns ,determination, passion and heart ,  etc etc


Life of flower starts from a seed and then they grow into beautiful plants and flowers

And they become beautiful flowers which represent the garden “modelling ramp” and battle for the crown


The ugly flower is bullied for being ugly and thrown out of garden but when bugs attack the flower with thorns attack the bugs and save the other plants and flowers 

Pitcher plants, and other ugly flowers and plants that were kicked out of garden for ugly save the garden from bugs and save all.....


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