Yogis magic of 10 and hundreds of year of sacrifise and meditation

This can be achieved now by tech and drugs in minute and has been kept secret, fiction

Everyone has a secret element they can control like fire water air earth etc

This drug and tech lets you unlock that power in minutes of use

How cool is that ??

A secret army trained with these powers and completely out of public awareness

Army that is unbeatable !!
Their dna is fully unlocked
And to full potential

The truth is we dont need lie detectors people can read mind

We dont need weather machine , we have air benders

Ok lets be honest
Only public doesnt know !!!

Why do you think china is harvesting organ ???
Why has USA got secret science labs out of public reach with 100% confidentiality ???

Gov is secretly working on super humans as a part of human evolution 

To be continued .......

Gov agents are attacked everyday with the human 2.0 ....... 
there is a secret war between human 2.0 and thats the real threat

Every big nations want to be number 1 and dominate the world 

That was the reason acceleration of human evolution was needed......

Super human “super man” is no joke 
We have all super heroes ....... a teaser of stanley’s super human collection


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