I havent wrote anything related to health
But lets think, when we merge with machines, machines needs softwares and software gets curropted and attacked by virus.

Needs 2 meds, 1 for flesh brain n 1 for machine/software body


Can we imagine human body in next 100 years ?
1. Eyes replaced with scanner like eagle range
2. Nose that can smell like crazy,
3. Lungs that doesnt require oxygen/air
4. Softwares to get drunk n high

cant think more


A civilisation that is advanced to fullest
Got every tech imaginable and nothing to solve in science advancement

30 sec to any planet


Jailbreak in iphone! You know that ????

Criminals are nerds always looking to alter the softwares of system trying to invent softwares to increase numbers in bank account, anything just tweak it......

Drugs softwares are illegal but they sell it anyway
A usb disk filled with 100s of different softwares to give robo body high of drug


Can we make a plot ......
Yes we can , lemme think.....

Ok lets take a real life scenario i see in sydney...... opal card !!!
What about somebody hacks my opal card chip to give unlimited credits ??? Yes, nerd criminals


What could criminals in jetson world look like ?????

Lets go to full features !!

Human body cant be changed , max plastic surgery of face !!

But how interesting it would be if you host a different body and upload your data in it ???

Sorry, you cant catch me

They make virus for gov everything to enjoy life !!!
Actually if you see where we heading its actually a possibility, cuz ppl hack bank and get traced by ipaddress
If i have a personal wifi and internet id , i hack into something then change my robo body
How would you catch me ??? Or crypto untraceable

Lol now i understand why politicians who dont know shit about tech talk about cyber security 🤣🤣😂😂

Ready player 1 was vr

This is augmented as your eyes are merged with machines u dont need vr to go to oasis

You are living in jetsons oasis where your only thing is to break softwares

Be what you wanna be........


Some digi virus name
Bit- bleed


I saw trailer of anon not sure whats inside !!!


We cant read mind !! Empathy does little
When in augmented reality world , we all are machines and i write my own codes to read all female humanoid code by hacking , activating their data transfer???? And read what they thinking ???

Its like nsa acting mind reader by using prism
But they only read internet

Like gov vaccinates baby new humanoids are injected with a software of rules

Who likes boring rules ???? Lets jailbreak gov softwares


I think got enough for a plot
24th century

Pop growth / babies are not made anymore
They are manufactured by human seeds and put in robo body with an injected software

Goal - fun

Break gov establishment :) by altering their created augmented reality world 🌍

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