A secret school

People that are fed up with life and dont want to join 9-5 work and want to get rich quick now can get qualified as a professional criminal that gets hired by rich people for various crimes

You could be illegal
1. Hitmal
2. Private spy
3. Etc

Secret levels

1 lvl - basic crimes
2 lvl - moderate crimes
3 lvl - dangerous crimes high risk
4 lvl - international lvl crimes

You get to choose your qualification of the level of degree of crime you want to commit without leaving a trace for cops to find out. This could be for various reasons.

Thrill seeking
Hate, etc


The most dangerous robbery of diamond from the museum.

But from disabled people so that even if they get caught noone is going to believe.

3 blind people.
Commanded by hidden hearing aid.

Create a replica of museum and practise the get through and get out.

These 3 ppl come to school with toughest request ever being blind wanting to be criminals without trace and rob the museum’s most expensive diamond.

High profile engineers and tech gadgets involved.

Hearing aid to listen the guidance and specs with camera to send video to control van outside.

3 ppl 3 cams 3 guide in van.

The diamond is worth half trillion.

Now when they steal and escape, even if they get caught, after the medical result
That they are blind , everybody at court laughs like

I would believe the tightest security of museum was broken by 3 blind ppl and they stole the diamond

Case dismissed !!!

Now they all chill out .

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