Granny’s in school

Whats the retirement age in oz now ??
65 ??

So in 10 yrs the normal jobs will be replaced by tech right

So people that are in 40s - 50s need tech edu

So imagine granny tech student with kids learning tech

For example - whats this ? Thats mouse , oh lots of things changed , in our gen mouse was tom and jerry now they are kept trapped in a black box .......

Grandpa your usb pendrive has a virus , grandpa - whats usb ?
Kid - it looks like ūüćĆ
grandpa - kid i havent used it in long and im clean ......

Grandpa falls in love with this granny

Grandpa - kid help me send a love request in the book
Kid - oh you mean facebook friend request

This kid male, grandpa becomes best buddies and on the mission to get the single granny

Granny on the other side has a gang of girls to help her out

Could be funny love story

Ok pa mate, lets take a nice dp for grandma.......

Dp - display pic , grandpa - oh i thought, deep penetrat***

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