Hide-out Prince

Prince wants to know the problem in his kingdom.
The prince goes to live a normal life anonymously.

He gives up everything to start from zero though he has it all.

He finds a job in a stable as a care taker of horse. He has to feed and look after the horse from the stable and there were 15-20 horses 🐎.

He makea a special bond with the white horse snowy. When he leaves as a prince he has decided to take him to his palace. Both have a special bond and snowy sees something special in the prince eyes and prince sees something special in the horse and both are best buddies. Its as if they both have subliminal conversations.

Prince has a pegion that from palace gets him a secret message to look after the crime and wrong doing in his country. When prince goes out to fight crime or find identity of the people outside from stable he hides his face.

The stable owner has a beautiful daughter who likes prince as he is without knowing he is a prince.

She has a favorite black horse in the stable and ita name is ash. Sometimes prince and the owner’s daughter have race on their favorite horses.

One day there is a huge fire 🔥 in a part of the village. Prince is late to reach there but somebody with a hidden identity already saved people from fire. Prince asks people about what happened and they all say “someone came in a dark horse and saved them all.” Prince returns and sees the owners daughter. She smiles at him and tell him, i heard there was fire in the village but luckily someone saved thsm. How exciting and cool is that.

Note : equality must be programmed from young minds so media plays great role in it. Barbie must not just be makeup kit addict so this owners daughter , she is a super hero too in this story who isnt rich but secretly does what prince is staying in the village anonymously.
Prince rules the whole country but he is unaware of local classic mafias
So he is there to remove all the virus from the parts of countey that is infected from cruel people

The prince and girl has the same intention but the girl is poor with a good heart.
Both of them are unaware of what each do secretly with hidden identity to save the towns and villages.

Prince and the girl almost saves all of towns and liberates them.

They kept few bad ones for last moment when smaller criminals are stopped.

One day town organises a program where the winner gets to marry the most beautiful girl in the country. Prince decides to take part in the competetion. The girl goes there too because she is in love with prince unknowing his reality as prince. The girl goes there in the face of a man with makeups and fake beard 🧔.

Prince wins almost all challengers and competitors. Now, the organiser announces if there is anyone who can beat him or else he will get the girl to be married. The girl loves prince so much that she steps in the competition to make him lose and stop him for marrying that girl. The competition between them prince and the girl dressed as man is about to start. First, bow arrow, second sword, 3rd horse race. Prince of the stable has his snowy and the girl has her ash. Girl ties the prince in every event and challenge. The final race is about to start. The organiser shoots the pistol to start the race and they both start running on their horses. The princes leads the race with snowy but unfortunately takea the wrong path to dead end where he falls down. The girl now has to open her face hiding scarf and make a rope and pull him back. When she pulls him up to the top prince is shocked to see her.

Prince smiles, i knew it was you from the moment i saw your horse ash and snowy wouldnt stopp looking at him. Well, now i know who saved all the towns when i was unable to save it. Prince tells her that he was there because he heard that the organiser was biggest criminal of the town and wanted to know him closely. The prince hugs and kisses the girl and tells her his secret. He tells her to work together and not to reveal his identity to anyone. The girl then tells the prince, im from another kingdom, your mother the queen asked me to look after you. ❣️ I know, i was pretending to not know idiot.

Lets do this together , we are a team. They both kiss and hug under the full bright moon light and return the finish line together. Then they get close to the organiser to be friend with him, underatand his links and infiltrate ecerything and catch him to punish.

They need to understand his betrayl against the country, illegal works.
Then slowly they kill all his links. The organiser, betrayal of the country, finds that since he brought the two people together his business is dying so he captures the prince and the girl.

Both are caltured and about to be killed, the messenger sparrow comes to prince and the prince sends message to the palace, palace sends the best troops to destroy the culprit criminal, destroy his magia empire and free the both.

Prince and thw girl share good moment and marry each other and keep their favorite horses.
They still love changing their face and roam city to city and country to countey and help people.

People now talk about the 2 people that come in black and white horse to save if any bad happens.

Make it animation movie for kids
To prolong the main story’s draft, dialogues, emotions, fights and lots of favorite horse riding moments

Big brother thanks for girls like you
Will try to redeem it ❣️

Time - classic prince era
Genre - action / adventure
Length - 70 mins
Prince - Will
Girl - teresa

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