I dont know a suitable name

Lets start a story from name - squad kids
Ok forget about name , got a story but not sure if u made it already !!!

Family break down
Divorce of couple but they have kids, 2 kids , 1 boy 1 girl !!!

Now their mission is to fix their parents relation. Break it with step parents and unite the real parents, show them what they lack and whats the misunderstanding.

Makes sense ????

Mix everything u got - a little of home alone
A little bit of -

Parents fighting - im done with you
Kids puzzled about whats going on
See you at court
Mom keeps boy and
Father keeps the girl

You know the kids nowadays, they’re smarter than you think which u dont understand and tag them mental.....

Ok they call eachother and say how much they miss being together

Now, squad kids is formed with a secret mission to unite them and be together

Both parents love eachother and its misunderstandings
Now they both are looking for partner to make the husband/wife jealous

But dont forget our secret agents are at work , little kids

You gotta take them to your date no choice and noway they are gonna make your date work !!!!

In japan they fix broken stuffs !!!! Including relationships !!!

Is there anything to be proud of having multiple sex partners ???? Pig does that too

Not against western norms
If your children suffer from it, u should be punished equally !!

U can have as much sex partners , but glorifying it in media creates a fashion everyone wants to follow !!!
Im not into that fashion —-
It normalises the weird way of life !!
That is why i said , i dont understand the difference between love and assault......

Going to gym to be a man inside out !! Stud - ok
im going to sleep...... my brain engine is over heated !!!

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