Nerdy makes everyone fly

story of earth when it loses gravity

Floating everything

Starts from a dream to make everyone fly

Nerd develops anti gravity machine which goes bad and kills the gravity of earth and for some time its fun as everyone flies 

But what if rain fall doesnt fall down and things goes crazy down here ??? 

Fix it now 

Bring gravity back to earth otherwise earth with lose all water and no water no life.

1st the clouds gets sucked away
2nd its hard to control movements
3rd house roofs gets torn apart
4th trees get ripped off the root and out to space
5th everything gets sucked out of surface to space
As if black hole was put in space

Now gotta stop this all......

Nerdy knows no1 can reach the antigravity machine setup in his lap...... the only way to get there is to use his remote control jetpack.....

And switch off the machine.....

News : nerdy from xyz has been able to make everyone fly
Its like everyone’s dream has come true

No more cars, bus needed, this has also contributed in cut off feul and helped in climate change


Just like cloudy’s meatball becomes greed for more food and pressure on machine

People want to fly higher and higher


This reminds me of

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