12 of zodiac

The last hope to evolution

There are 12 people with 12 powers in their dna transferred from thousands of years of ancestors evolution.

Where are they? No idea
But they are best in whatever they do........

The only way to find them is to search places where best of best meet up for competition in different feilds

One in bull fighting
Another flying
Another swimming 🏊‍♀️

When they all unite and do “..... something related to magic “ a powerful portal opens up that leads to a different world !! This is where highly developed people escaped during the danger that came to earth for survival .......

The whole world has gone mad 😡
People are confused about sex, religions , beliefs

Kids on drugs
Never ending wars

Police, army and politicians are worried about how terrible the future is going to be

Half of the world is dying in poverty, half gone mad in drugs and crimes, rest trying to control the madness but they know it cant be stopped for long......

The great war is about to break and the top people of the heirarch are well aware and trying to find solutions

There is nowhere to escape
The secret magic book talks about the 12 secret people from 12 tribes - egyptian, persia, mayan, aryan, etc had passed a dna code that when all come together and the magic spell is carried

It will change everything ............

News about destruction from human behaviours
Climatic disasters
Loss of wildlife
People gone mad, brothers killing brothers
Some in anger Looting the markets in gamgs


1st part show the collapse of world
2nd part show the gathering of 12 ancient lines come together
3rd trying to make spell work but no one can decode the ancient magic book spell
4th finally spell works
5th getting into another secret world

6th - you can see the earth from otherside !!!
Ancient people that escape and left their dna behind a long time talk about all the messages they sent in different forms to human but they didnt understand anything.......

They see from the otherside that tbeir family members in trouble some of those who were left behind ........ now some of them had to come back, but luckily the ancient ppl from another world unlock their dna powers giving them super powers to safely bring their family members to safe world.......

12th of them come back to earth to bring their family members....... now they have super powers too.....
If anyone misses to make it back to a meeting point the portal cant be open to the another world.......


Human race was once infiltrated by aggressive alien being that has impregnated human female and now that race has grown to a point where earth is no more safe......

These 12 pure ancient good human dna people has to fight and save humans


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