Case of my death

A detective

While searching for clues of a crime

Finds a missing suspect, when he looks deeper finds a suspect to be himself who is also dead now.
You killed someone and you are also dead.

Finds old documents, newspapers, photographs of his own death !!!

While solving cases of murder he finds documents of his own murder !!!


How could this be possible ?

Im here and alive but why do these documents claim my own death
Even the photographs......
everything says an alive man is dead

Now he gotta solve the mystery of his own death but how can it be ???

Youre not dead but dead.

Nothing more thrilling than solving your own death !!!!


The newspaper and other documents claim he was dead 5 years ago. He also murdered someone.
The only difference is he has a new name and job.

Im a detective how can i mirder someone 5 years ago and die ??



Look alike / twin
Time travel
Fake documents


If i have a twin how do i not know ?

Time travel - how am i alive now then ?

Fake documents - whats the reason ?

What if there are all 3 things involved, i had a twin, time travel and fake documents.......

A big case to be solved !!!

After case solved !!
Lets try to make it nice

He was actually dead, those newspapers were after he was dead and his family kept.
His child that is about to get born soon, in future “25 yrs” after, comes back in time to solve the case of his dad murder and saves him...... the past was altered from his unborn baby from future.


What really happened during that time ?
He starts to read newspapers and all documents claiming his death and the murder he carried out......


Next scene after 30 years when his son is adult again and shows his interest in science and tech and talks about his interest in time, so the detective wants to see what hallened to him then.......

Finds out he was the one that time travelled not his son not anyone else......

He was solving the case using time machine made by his son....... and he went back to past to live longer....... or to fix a mistake.......

Shit im going crazy

But how was he dead when how and is still alive ???

To be continued !!!!

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