Feel like a fantasy story

Always seen light 💡 i mean good fight the darkness or evil and vice versa

Dont you think we need to bring them together !!!

Lets start

Everything and anything in the universe has a purpose and reason

From the energy itself there is positive and negative energy but they have a bond and both live together

One cant exist fully without the other

Day is good but so is night with its own reason and purpose

Just like sunshine and the rain has its reasons


Black magic and white magic
Priests and witches
Devil and god ,,,,, 2 sides of coin with its own purpose and neither has a bad side

A knife - itself is just a tool
A gun itself is just a tool
What makes it useful or dangerous depends on the intention of the mind

 A world where bodyless souls and alive live together !!!!

There is a secret group of people where once a family member dies, their soul lives with the family of alive people. The family has a secret tradition that allows and makes them keep the soul of their dead ones live with them .......

How they do it and why ?
If you love someone very much you dont want them to be gone right ???
So, this family does magic to keep the soul of the dead family member to be gone away from them.......
What does a soul need ? A host body .......
what is a body made up of ? 5 elements ....... if you could catch the soul and put it back in the body the soul could live again

This is not cloning , black magic, 5 elements makes body - fire water air etc etc


Why keep dead ones alive ? Well no tragedy in the story

When negative and positive combine we get full energy

If negative and positive / good and bad work together who is villian ????

Thats a topic for later on .....


A girl grows up in that family
Starts to see creepy things but gets used to as she grows up and with info from rest of the family


Lets make another energy beside positive and negative what can it be ???
That is the enemy of both enemy and how to potray it visually ???
Challenge ..... hmmmm !!!! If god and devil both are good in their territory who is the real evil ????

Ok so the villian must be a parasite that feeds on both energy and sucks them out
Something that both good and evil are afraid of ...... like superman gets scared of cryptonite

We can make a imaginary good world and bad world and
The villian traps them
How another challenge hmmm......

Volatile dark energy kills the energy // im talking in energy but make energy good/bad ppl

What does volatile energy “mysterious villian” want ?

Create imbalance

If there is no good, everything is bad and if no bad everything is good
Doesnt get balanced
The middle

Lets create a fictional magical stone like a ying yang..... that has held both sides together
A perfect balance

“Voltum” wants to remove the creation of bad and good and be himself like the universe was before the creation or say big bang ...... a total zero

Thats his goal ...... he wants to wipe out everything and make the universe a zero

Thats when voltum will be alive - sorry for bad name

Voltum flourishes in the total zero the vacuum...... he wants the universe to be him

Positive and negative energy needs to be combined so they can fight the dark energy

This is what happens when you get day drunk .......
Not gonna drink ...... cant think straight


The general idea is good bad gets together to destroy a volatile dark energy to stop the universe to get sucked into a black hole and become a complete vacuum !!!

Good night !!!

Why didnt i think about it !!

Voltum can be a super hero too that can change into energy or dark energy !!!


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