Jumpie’s adventure

Jumpie is a frog 🐸.


There is an isolated pond where few frogs live. Their whole life they lived there thinking its the whole universe and there’s no way out.

Jumpie is a curious frog that is curious and always wanted to explore and find new things. He is experimental which works few times but most of times it ends up in explosion in short he ends up doing stupid things.

Jumpie one day mistakely and unknowingly get out of isolated pong and sees the amazing view out of pond. 1000 question comes to his mind.
It was all a lie, our pond isnt the whole universe, there is whole world to explore.
He gets more curious to go out further and see and experience everything that he never got chance in his own isolated pond.

Jumpie meets all sort of animals and other frogs that belongs to other pond much bigger and brighter.

He wants to explore more. He sets of in journey.
Some he makes genuine friends that help when needed.
Some he meets other animals that wants to become his friend to track his isolated pond so they can eat all the frogs.

Jumpie learns a lot of lessons in his exploration of a lifetime.
Makes numerous friends and fight bad guys to survive.

One snake 🐍 makes him believe that he is genuine friend and almost gets to his isolated pond. Other frogs and similar animals help jumpie and his pond survive.


A bird 🦅 catches a frog called jumpie and takes it to the nest for the babies to eat !!! Jumpie gets tired trying to escape the birds claws...... he faints out of energy ...... when he wakes up he is surrounded by the baby eagle chicks ........

Now, he is amazed, shocked and frightened at the same time tries to escape the next.........
he jumps out of nest and runs down the hill...... mama eagle 🦅 sees it from far away and comes to get the jumpie again from escaping.......
Jumpie hides behind a rock in the hill....... but mama eagle is still looking for the jumpie.......

No map, no clue where jumpie himself is has to go back to his pond to his family

There are no frogs in hills and mountains ⛰ but jumpie is and now he has to go back !!!!


Nest scene :
Jumpie - where am i ? What are these strange creatures ? “Puzzled”
Baby chicks - food food food
Jumpie - what, food, me ?? Are you serious ?? Cant you see, Im a handsome frog the jumpie.
Then he jumps and escapes......
Baby chicks - mama food escaped ...
Mother eagle - with a strong sound, ill catch it and bring it back.


After escaping from eagle , jumpie sees the view and it looks completely unfamiliar

Jumpie - where the hell am I ?? 

Roam around .......

Run from another snake run from another eagle

Hide here hide there
 Search for water

Goes to a dead end of a hill at the end.......

Snake on land
Eagle in the sky

Looks down from dead end to see the dangerous river..........
jumpie knows its dangerous but atleast there is a chance to survive.........

Jumpie jumps down escaping eagle and snake, the strong current of the river gets jumpie fainted !!!
He washes up at shore , jumpie opens his eyes 👀 and looks around......... he is not in his pond but atleast away from the rocky hills and good thing is tbere is water .......

Jumpie gets in the water to find frogs of his kind but no luck ....... there are huge fishes trying to eat him

Then since, jumpie is amphibiam, swims to escape the fishes ............ and when fish gets to close he jumps out of the water

He looks around ...... phew im safe ....... !!!! That was close !!!!
The view

Looks around for other ponds ......

He finds other ponds .......

Talks to the old frog of that pond who gives him the direction

Gets into another crazy ride ....... 

And again and again until he reaches home !!!! 

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