Sorry if its done but if not you will like it ❣️

Who the fck are you and what are you doing in my bathroom ??

Well you are the chosen one, i been trying to find a good person that can help me be free

But who are you ? And why cant no1 see you.....

Cuz im dead, i chose you to see me no1 else so dont worry and im not going to reveal your crazy bathroom stories

Lets get to work !!!

There were 3 things left undone and my spirit is not satisfied or my soul mission on earth is incomplete so you need to help me complete those and

I will be able to release myself from this trapped in the middle state and go completely into spiritual state

You can call me your friend

But you are a ghost

Yes, a good ghost until and unless you listem to me and help
Me complete my undone thinhs

Ok tell me whats undone ????

Lets male 3 redicuosly funny things

And this dude does it with her .........

Later they get really close and he chooses not to complete the 3rd !!!!

If he completes the 3rd he loses the good ghost friemd and will be lonely again
All the special and funny moments shared together will just be a memory so he wants the good lady ghost to stay .....

Twist 1
The dude asks if she wants to be alive again in a different body ?
They transfer her soul to a body and they both live together
Or she materialises as a real person by the power of love as
Loving makes us real — thats from a movie i watched years ago......

Twist 2
War breaks out between them as he doesnt want to complete the 3rd wish
The good ghost turns into turturer ghost and
Me vs the ghost war but funny one

Ok there is ghost town !!
Lets make it different !!

Help good ghost lady who died as a good person enjoy all the bad crazy wild stuffs which she never experienced as alive plus the dude is simple living person

So he is down for the idea to do absolutely crazzy stuffs like hangover !!

What happens if you fall in love with a ghost ???

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