Spy : mr hopeless

a kid who dreamed of being the greatest detective/spy of 21 century

Gets into spy academy

Q1. Who is the mother of the baby 🍼 👶 ?? Left or right ?
Left one ?

How did you come up with that answer ?
She has big boobs must be because filled with milk 🤪🤪

But right one is fat and has big belly  ?
Yea she is careless and eats alot and got fat


Senior spies - he is hopeless
What we do with him ?
Dont send him in feild, let him walk the dog , lets see if he does that better .....

Middle part to be continued .....

Last part
Inspired by shaggy and scooby doo
He completes a case no1 could but bu accident

To be continued tomo......
let me dream a good plot :) 

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