We want Blood / we want you alive / ......

i want to write a story where one person is close to death and has few hours left
He needs blood transplant but unfortunately his blood is super rare 
Just 1% of the whole world population has that blood group

A happy family
A good kid, smart, good in sports, and everything in between
His dad is one of the richest person in the world and has all the money in the world if he has to buy the blood from someone for transfusion if thats correct word here

After searching and using his all power he finds out the worst crime hit area - where gangstar rule the  nation

The leader of the gangsta has the rare blood type 

A set of private highly trained people are hired to abduct the worst criminal from the gang to save his son by giving the blood 


The blood dies if they kill him anyway so mission fail
You die and cant catch him alive mission fail

Do everything perfectly but late then mission fail


The gov is not aware and bringing a gansta from a foreign country to this country is illegal i mean super illegal 

You gotta hide everything, a fake id has to be created with total fake face and everything

Cant kill
Cant be late 
Cant tell the gov agency

The private person hired for this are given billion if mission is to be successful else killed

Imagine hide and seek master osama had that blood or kim un jong......


Trap to catch a gangsta as their brain 🧠 is on - money drugs guns and girls


Cant use force, you gotta lure the gangsta into these like catching a fish with a bait in the hook


Weakness now you know

Hit the spot so bad temptation of eating the bait gets him in the trap


Full story
To be continued....

Ladies and gentlemen i present you the sexiest female agents
They look sweet outside but are crazy psychos inside
Dont go on their looks !!!


These girls are trained to lure the sexual predators under any circumstances.
they will assist you in the mission. We want no fights and no killings. It has to be top secret and no one needs to know. If the gang finds out about the kidnapping of the gangsta media will go crazy as the airport security......

You will be given special silent weapons for drugging people to coma temporarily but it must be used wisely.

Lets look at all the weapons and decide what works best for you.
Kingsman style silent weapons / no explosion just reaction

Time for map overview ,

A perfect twist to make the story interesting

Doc : we need to test his blood before transmission
Dad : do what you gotta do doc....

Doc : “after testing blood” he has too much drugs in his blood, this transmission cant go ahead with 100% success rate, do you want to proceed ?? Chances are 50-50 , this blood will act like a snake bite into his body as the gangsta blood has alot of cocaine and other drugs present in it ........

Dad: isnt there any antidote ???

Ummm .......

I dont know much about drugs but poison reversed engineered cuts poison

I will leave it here ....... 

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