Inside peter’s mind

kids are creative !!

A group of kids, where pete is kind of very creative.
A born dreamer who dreams of far away galaxies and very unique imaginary world and shares it with his friends.


Their small playground and meetup home room becomes a big dream world when young pete dreams come true and they start painting whatever they want.

When the parents watch its just normal world but in actual scenario they are flying in their dream world.

Becoming super heroes, flying on dragon, chocolate river........
robots, whatever they dream about comes true.... in real life its just dream but we can picture how kids think imaginary world from their innocent mind and pure heart


The idea is to bring out 100% of young kids imaginary and creatuve mind out to life.


What happens when dreams go crazy, nothing, they dream of their toys heroes and villians
In imaginary world and act like fighting villians

When dreams go crazy, nothing happens, but they fight anyway......

They have a special toy that is fly to exit dragon which takes them away........

This has to be kids 5-8910 yrs old......

Pete / peter tells his friends how his house “room” full of toys comes alive.
Then all his friend join him to the adventure of toys that come alive.

All kids in an imaginary world making their toys come alive with their crazy fantadies

🌹🌹🌹 happy new year 🌹🌹🌹

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