The conclusion

This will be last thing i will ever post on internet

9 december 2018


I wont say i know it all by stealing others details

I learn things that excites me .......

Good and bad both !!

Having information doesnt generally mean you misuse it but you have to have info regarding everything, you never know it could be useful in future in a good way

Think twice ro post on fb and think thrice even 4 5 6 times before enjoying .......... stuffs

The fill in the blanks is what i used to love ........ not anymore


This is a gift from grinch as he is not what world says
Grinch did bad world hated
Grinch did good world laughed
Grinch loved world wrote tragedy
Grinch shared his dreams and world stole
Grinch is invisible now so dont bother him , he doesnt trust anyone

So he does not socialise or open up and has become a stone
Might kill someone anyday out of bottled up disgust


24 in me

This is the last dream im sharing ........

Having diverse knowledge and skills

This kid who is 24 adopts him into 10 different characters
Some heroes, some villians, some spy , some etc etc


Hmm crime , fk all stupid superheroes and their name

I am “trashmam” i trash all the villians
Catch the villians, dont give money to cops, lets take it all

Go to casino and enjoy

Time for another character

What should i be .......

Be every character one by one in a movie


100 mins movie
10 characters

Each character he plays is interlinked ............

7 days in a week 4 different jobs each day 1

When roaming free if i witness crimes , 🤪🤪 i take them into recordings


1 crime that brings all my characters into action

Do i be a superhero trashmam to trash all enemies

A spy to collect all cliues

Be a pimp to gather details from rich girls

Illegal street racer to get into gang

Like multi personality disorder but this is not disorder but a masterpiece order

Every character in a new getup

Generally superheroes has 2 face, 1 mask 1 lame job
But i aint that lame shit

Yea im a hacker too, i used nsa cracking software source code and compiled them so i can easily havk gov agencies too.......

Somebody stop me 🤪🤪🤪

What ?

Well  everything ........

And the song that play in trailer is chameleon when he changes personality for purpose

Mustache yes

Mustache beard yes

Go bald yes go long hair yes

Become a manchild yes

Become a stone heart adult yes

Be a mf pimp yes


Lost interest in everything so the last one

Bye all

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